Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hell of The North

Jeff's first race of the season! Exactly six months after his surgery. The race was 25 miles long and consisted of a 5 mile loop around that had a 1 mile patch of gravel, dirt, and mud. It snowed and rained and blew the whole time...not to mention we were all freezing cold too! Jeff hasn't raced his bike in over 15 years. Since experiencing his scare with tumors in his spine he has set some huge goals for himself and racing his bike is one of them. Our goals we set for the first year of cycling are to finish every race he matter where he places, or how long he takes to finish. Since the race was so cold, rainy, and snowy they shortened his race by one lap. He only had to ride for 4, but since the goal was to finish he decided to ride all 5 laps. We are proud of him and his goals! GOOOO DAD!!!!

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