Friday, November 2, 2007

Elder Marcus R Bruce

Marcus entered the MTC on August 8th. Jeff and I along with Evie and Mitchell drove out to Utah from Wisconsin to drop him off and to do some house hunting. We were able to spend some time with Family and Friends and just have a great time. Marcus was so excited to get going on his mission. There are some pictures of him getting his name tag and some outside of the MTC. The orange sticker on his name tag means that he has to speak spanish!! It was a bittersweet moment for us to leave him there but know he is doing well and loving every minute of it. He left the MTC on October 9th and is working hard to teach the people in Spanish. He has to wrap his bike in saran wrap and duct tape to make it look old so no one will steal it. He is happy and doing well and just living the dream!

Yep these are our two funny kids at home. They both just bulked up on some steroids!!!!!! Just kidding, they are just blow up muscle man suits. But Evie was worried about being naked, sooo we had her put on a bikini!!

This is our cute Evie. She dressed up for halloween as the Easter Bunny!!! Kinda funny--- just trying to mix up the holidays!!! Jeff got hungry and tried to eat her carrot! She didn't mind one bit.