Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are Painters!

So, we have been busy making our house a home. Evie decided she wanted to brighten up her room with some bright sunshine colors. As you can see by the pictures, it is a very bright and a very busy room. Sometimes when I walk by her door, I automatically reach in and try to turn off the light switch and its not even on. We joke with her that we don't know how she can sleep in there but she manages just fine. Now if I could only get her to keep it clean!

The boys room.....well, its been Mitchell's room for the past two years and in 40 more days he will be joined by his brother Marcus. Marcus, as most of you know, has been serving his mission in Phoenix Arizona. So, we decided to paint their room and make it ready for two instead of one border. The surfboard and Aloha beads are Marcus'....we purchased the old tin signs at an antique store. I was worried the colors Mitchell picked out would be a little dark but once it was all done, it looked great. Makes you feel like you want to be at the beach..... Check out the ceiling fan too. It is the best part of the room but if you ask Marcus, he would say his surfboard is the best part.....