Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet Oakley, our new dog

Isn't she beautiful? We were lucky enough to find her at the Humane Society in Ogden a few weeks ago. Mitchell and I have been looking a lot over the last few months and we just couldn't find a dog that fit our family. We certainly did try though.....we walked and walked and walked a lot of dogs and not one of them seemed to be right for us..... until we met Oakley. We only had about an hour to spend and thought we would just make a quick walk through and see if there were any that might be right for us.......there she was.

We took her outside for a walk and spent some time with her outside on the cool grass and we fell in love with her. We brought her home and took her straight to the veterinarian for a thorough check up. She didn't check out too well and we were worried about her. She is nine years old and was used for breeding and as you can see, she must have had some beautiful puppies. She spent most of her life outside if not all of it there. We really didn't know much about her past but knew she was right for us and wanted to make her welcome in our home. She had a bad cough that turned out to be bronchitis and she coughed non-stop and wheezed like crazy. She wouldn't eat and just laid around all day and all night. She was really sick and we were worried that she wasn't going to even make it to the next morning. Jeff spent a couple of nights sleeping with her in the living room just to make sure she wasn't alone. So, after a couple of weeks with veterinarian visits, x-rays and lots of medication she has made an awesome recovery. She is playing and running outside like a puppy. She is eating and doing just great. Even the neighbors say she is not the same dog we brought home. She is one of the most obedient dogs we have ever owned. She waits to go outside at the door until you tell her to go, same when coming inside. She has not barked once and doesn't even care when people are at the door.....she is no watchdog, that is for sure. She loves Mitchell and follows him everywhere. She is amazing and we are so lucky to have found her. I am glad that we can make her seniors years good ones for her and she has a family that loves her and will take good care of her. We are so lucky!

We hiked up Logan Canyon and she just sat right down in the cool water. By the look on her face it sure felt good. Ahhhhh